Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jan 27th

While cleaning out our "big" room that has housed boxes and my sewing and a various asundry of items, I found wrapped in tissue at the bottom of a box my crumpled wedding boquet. So I got it out, fluffed it up and set it on top of my scrapbook room shelves in my office. A pretty reminder of a wonderful day.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jan 26th

Kaitlyn found some Mary Kay samples today and was giving herself a make-over...here are the results...Looks much older than her almost 10 years old! Man...preview of things to come I guess.

Jan 25th

Went to the grocery store today and loaded up...and for tonight's dessert, I made chocolate chip cookies (the easy break apart kind) YUMMY!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jan 24th

MaryGrace and John came over this afternoon, and we had fun playing on the floor with John's peek-a-boo blocks. He loved it when I would build a tower (even if it was only 2-3 high) and he knocked it down. He laughed and laughed. So did MaryGrace! What sweet kids!!

Jan 23rd

I finished a present for John (Jaimie's littlest one) today. It is a baby lovey for him to sleep with. I made him one when he was first born, and thought it would be good to have a backup! They both are made out of Lion Brand Microspun yarn. David and Jaimie are Clemson Tiger fans, so that is where the color combo comes from. This is my first Double-Knitting project that is not exactly the same on either side. It is reversible, but one side has Clemson, while the other has Tigers. These were knit at the same time! WHEW! It took a lot of concentration, but it wasn't hard to do.

Jan 22nd

Kaitlyn had a school project due on Wed so we finished it tonight (read "did it tonight") {sigh} She did a good job - she had to make a model of either a Colonial town, or a southern plantation. She chose the southern plantation. We made the houses out of paper (printed from the internet), and made salt dough to make the landscape. Once we baked the salt dough, and it was dry, she painted it. Her favorite part was when we used Liquid Applique (a type of puff paint that when heated puffs up!) for the cotton fields. Good Job Kaitlyn!!!

Jan 21st

Another scrabook layout that I finished - this one is of the kids' summer hair cuts.

Jan 20th

I had to work again tonight, and I took a close-up picture of the scrub top I had on - one of my FAVs!! I {heart} GREEN!!

Jan 19th

Well, you can't tell it in the picture, but it was a snowy MESS today. It snowed from about 2:00pm until Jaimie and I went to work. Thankfully, it didn't stick, and it stopped early enough in the night, AND it was windy enough, that by the time we left work Sunday morning, the roads had dried - for the most part. We had an uneventful drive home.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Jan 18th

I finished Kaityn's hat late last night, and she wore it to school today. I am pleased with how it turned out. It is double-knit, the inside is the fuzzy cream yarn like the heart, and it would be reversible except for the pom-pom. It will be nice and warm!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jan 17th

Last night before we went to sleep, it started to snow. GORGEOUS, HUGE white flakes. I got up and checked about 3:30am and there was about 3 inches accumulated on the grass and cars. So imagine my disappointment when we got up this morning that it was raining, making things MISERABLE. At least if it has snowed, you can play in it, but not with the rain -- NASTY. What a day...oh, and it is my Daddy's birthday! Happy birthday Dad!! Love you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I did some more scrapbooking today, but I also started a double-knit hat for Kaitlyn. A new technique for me. I also "frogged" part of my red sweater that I messed up on (Frogging is when you have to rip out what you have knit -- so called because you "rip-it, rip-it"). I got it back to a point that I can start again correctly...but I just can't knit on it right now!

Jan 15th

I slept today after working last night, and then I scrapbooked some more... I finished up the last touches on the I {heart} Frogs LO and did the other 2 LOs too! I am following challenges from Scrapbook Friends

Jan 14th

I have been SCRAPBOOKING!! This is a LO about our new artificial tree - "Faux Fir" hahahaha ;-)

Jan 13th

Uncle Burt came for a visit yesterday. He is here to see Uncle Bill who is in the hospital. This is a family photo with my parents Karl and Carol, hubby Kevin, kids, Kaitlyn and Jacob and of course Uncle Burt.

Jan 12th

I have finished my scrappin' re-do! WHEW!! Also, Eric, Hana, and Sam came for a visit today! Great to see them - gotta get Ayako here too!

Jan 11th

OK, so I've started!

Jan 10th

Yep, still a mess....

Jan 9th

WOW! My scrappn' space is a MESS -- Gotta get motivated to do something about it!

Jan 8th

I got a shipment from Stampin' Up! I have to work tonight, so this is as exciting as it gets! ;-)

Jan 7th

I have 2 pictures for today - one of the beautiful grass in my backyard - It was a Gorgeous day today! And the other represents the Eagles project that Kaitlyn did - she was Rita Recycle - and gave a "commercial" on how important it is to recycle and how easy recycling aluminum cans can be.

Jan 6th

We went out and bought the kids new coats today in Asheville. They both needed them. I only got a picture of Kaitlyn's coat....

January 5th

This photo was taken to represent when we were in Hendersonville, and were burning brush piles for MawMaw

Monday, January 7, 2008

January 4th

Unfortunately on this day, I had a BAD headache! So I took a picture of some of the meds as I was taking them.

January 3rd

I had to work this night so I took a picture of my shoes - I love my shoes - they are Docs by Anywears. Very Comfortable!

Photo a day - 2

January 2. 2008

I got a new dragonfly wall ornament at Hobby Lobby this day and it is hanging in my scrapbook room! LOVE IT!! (Of course it is GREEN too!!)

Photo a day

I decided to take the "Photo a Day" challenge and have been doing them, so I will catch up this blog with my photos from days past.

January 1, 2008

This photo is of a WIP (work in progress) I have on my knitting needles right now. It is for a sweater tank - This is the first time I have done any lace work. It is easy and I am loving the color and how it is turning out.