Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feb 21st

I asked Kevin to put "My Spanish Coach" on our gamefly que, and it came. It is a pretty cool tool to use to help you learn spanish. Jacob thought it was really cool too! He wanted to play it, so of course I let him. Adios!

Feb 20th

There was a Lunar Eclipse tonight! Cool. Of course I had to work, so Kevin took these amazing pictures with my camera and gorillapod The one is of just the moon (obviously), and the other has the moon, Saturn and Regulus in it too. Pretty cool!!

Feb 19th

I finally felted the last of the purses that I had made last year. This one is by far my favorite! So much so that I promptly filled it with my stuff and am now using it as my own. *grin*

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb 18th

New yarn stash - I have several friends that are pregnant and having babies in the coming months, so I went to Hobby Lobby and got some yarn to start on their baby's presents. 2 Girls and a Boy.

Feb 17th

I got new silk flowers for a spring time arrangement on my front door. Now if only spring weather would come too!

Feb 16th

We were in Hendersonville this weekend and Saturday night the moon was almost full and it had a HUGE cloud ring around it -- I mean HUGE. I tried to get a picture of it, but my camera wasnt cooperating well, and it was so big, I could only get a corner of the ring and the moon in the shot. You can barely make it out in the right side of the photo....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Feb 15th more!

I have been busy today! I finished 6 more pages! These are all from Halloween 2006. Carving pumpkins, and trick or trunking! I have also been busy putting these guys along with all of the other LOs that I have finished INTO albums! WooHoo!! It feels good to have my LO drawer empty!! Thanks for looking!

Feb 15th

Did some more scrapbooking this morning. I finished a LO I started the other day (added the journaling) and completed the next one completely. On PAWs this month, the challenge was issued to do heartfelt journaling. These LOs meet this challenge. The one with B&W photos, are pictures of the kids Father's Day 2007. The other one is photos from Mother's Day 2007, with the journaling hidden under the Right hand side of the page -- there is a green tab to use to pull the page out to read the journaling. I also used a PAWs kit on the Mother's Day page from Laurie K.

Feb 14th

Kaitlyn and Jacob are really into Webkinz! So for Valentine's day, I got them each a Lil'kinz. They were both thrilled! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Feb 13th

I did some scrapbook pages today. These are from when we met the teachers and the first day of school 2007. Kaitlyn in 4th and Jacob in 2nd.

Feb 12th

I was supposed to work tonight, but was put on call - and I was happy because the kid's (and Kevin) had their testing for their High Red belts in TKD. So, I was able to go and be the photographer! This picture is when they were getting ready to spar (not each other) and you can see Kevin in the background helping the other kids get on their sparring gear.

Feb 11th

Finished the Kids Valentine's today. Jacob's are the "Wild About You" and Kaitlyn's are the "Stinkin' Cute" ones. We added Dum-Dums to the cards before they handed them out.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Feb 10th

Today was the family party to celebrate Kaitlyn's decade-ness. She is so impressed with herself being double digits! I can remember feeling the SAME way! We had FUN. Nanny and Poppy were there, MawMaw had a bad cold and she stayed home. Uncle Aaron and Aunt Kelly were there (with my neice in the oven), and Uncle Philip and Aunt Aldyn and Phelps, Aubrey and Ashtyn too. Gabe and Keegan came too. Carmen fell on their ski trip and broke her collar bone yesterday, so she stayed home.

Feb 9th

Well, we all survived the sleepover. Kevin was a HUGE help. He was right in there tie-dying, and chinese jump-roping! The girls "slept" in the "big" room upstairs. They did a lot of dancing, singing and giggling up there. I think they finally went to sleep around 1:30am.

Feb 8th

Today is Kaitlyn's TENTH birhtday!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Time flies when you are having fun!! Today is her party/sleepover. When she got home from school, we gave her a present from the family so she would have it for the party - a new digital camera.

She was very excited to use it and take LOTS of pictures of her friends. It will even do short videos!

Feb 7th

This is the cake that I made tonight for Kaitlyn's party tomorrow. It is a make your own pizza, tie-dye, sleepover party. So the cake is tie-dyed too!

Feb 5th & 6th

I worked these 2 nights, and just never took any pictures...oops - I will make up for it over the weekend with Kaitlyn's party pictures!

Feb 4th

All of the invitations have been sent. Kaitlyn helped me "tie-dye" the glossy cardstock for them. They were all different. This is the one that we sent to MawMaw.

Feb 3rd

Today is Jaimie's 31st bday and the Super Bowl. So on the way home from MawMaw's house, we stopped at the Sweem's and had some cake and ice cream - then stayed for the super bowl too.

Feb 2nd

Ok we were in Hendersonville this weekend and it was cold outside, so it was a lazy day inside. We called Nanny to wish her a happy birthday, and then just layed around. Kevin and Kaitlyn watched some TV, Jacob played his DS ALL day, and even tho there isnt a picture of it, I was knitting!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Feb 1st

Wow - February is already here! This is a photo of a cake that I made for my best friend Jaimie's 31st bday. It is a 3-layered checkerboard cake with chocolate and butter-recipe yellow cake, with vanilla icing between the layers and on top, and chocolate icing on the sides and as the decoration.

Jan 31st

Well, we finally came to a decision about Kaitlyn's 10th (can you believe it??!) bday party. We are going to have a Tie-Dye/Pizza/Sleepover party! The girls will be making their own pizzas and Tie-Dying shirts and a pair of socks; and then the ones that want to can sleep over. Should be fun and interesting. This will be her first sleepover at our house...and one of the reasons the "big" room was cleaned out! :-)

Jan 30th

So another find for me - what treasures I had packed away *wink* I found this doily and pair of baby booties in the sewing box that had been my Mamaw's. I am guessing they belonged to her and were either her child's booties or her own. I took this second photo playing around with my camera's settings and tripod. I LOVE how this came out!

Jan 29th

Another find from my clean of the big room - this was my very first teddy bear, and the frog was given to me by Aunt Ann and Uncle Tom. I LOVED that frog! Cool to find them, now they are living on a scrapbook room shelf, watching over me. :-)

Jan 28th

I FINISHED MY SWEATER!!!!! What a fun project and I love it! The lace work was fun and interesting and I am glad I chose red!