Friday, April 18, 2008

Yarn swift

What is a yarn swift you ask? Why, it is a wonderful invention that holds your skein of yarn while it is being wound into a ball. And this afternoon, my dear hubby, Kevin, made me one following the instructions I came across on Ravelry at this website: Crafty Diversions Thanks Anne for great instructions. And thanks Kevin for a great swift - all from stuff we already had - nothing bought!! Woo Hoo! That is better than 70.00 ANY day of the week and twice on Sunday!!
Here are pictures of the finished product. One still, and one in motion. It spins like a dream! Isn't he wonderful?

In other knitting news, I am finishing up a pair of green striped socks, and started a shawl. No pictures of those right now, but I will get some up soon!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another for the challenge. I got these pp's a couple of years ago but just hadn't found the right photos for them. Now I have! I love the retro feel of these papers and pages. The are double sided PPs - more bang for my buck! The black strips are actually black grograin ribbons. TFL!

Fixed this one

I fixed this one so that it REALLY fits for the challenge :-) oops that is what happens when you scrapbook with little sleep - harder to follow directions! Thanks Jackie! HUGS

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This meets the new challenge of 3 PPs, ribbon and buttons.
Fun to do! Thanks again Jackie!

New Los

6 more LOs for the TKD album. These are a continuation of the yellow belt testing.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yellow belt testing

Another for Jackie's challenge. This is DH, DD and DS doing their forms for the testing. I have had this yellow stitched paper for AGES (probably 5 years) and am glad to finally find a use for it. The words Yellow belt are stamped and embossed, and the word testing is using up old alpha stickers.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Needed a break

I needed a break from white background, so I pulled out some different pictures to work on. These were from DS's 6th bday party where everyone had their turn at sucking helium and talking funny. My MIL especially thought it was too funny. Fun times!

another TKD LO

This meets the challenge and highlights the forms, one-steps and sparring that are part of testing.

more TKD pages

These are of Jacob breaking his first board. This follows Jackie's challenge.

And these are the companion pages for Kaitlyn and Kevin breaking their boards - also for the challenge.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Title page

I made the title page for my TKD album - and of course, it meets the challenge requirements. I made the title from a file I was sent by some sweet person (Katie or Jeanne??) when I first got my CR - thanks!

PS - I also forgot to mention with the yellow belt testing page, I used a sketch that I had gotten from Janelle - thanks Janelle!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

another one

This is another for the challenge. I am happy to finally be working on my TKD album. The idea that Jackie gave, of using a white background, was SO liberating for these pictures! I was so hung up on what paper to use for the album, I was too intimidated to start. Doing that first LO, using the white background, got me started. Now here is the second set of LOs that will be in this album. THANK YOU JACKIE!!

This meets the challenge with using a white background, fiber (the yellow ribbon lines the stamped stars on either edge) photo corners (tied ribbon knots on the 4 corners of the photo on the L page) stickers (the black stars) and eyelets (4 black ones in a square shape).

other happenings

Just so you guys dont think that all I do is scrapbook, I wanted to also share some knitting that I have been working on. I finished a pair of baby socks last night that turned out cute, and am working on a cabled sweater (for me!).

LO #2 from challenge

I have finished another 2pg LO for the issued challenge. The sticker is the "Karate" rubon in the title, the black dots under Tae Kwon Do are actually black eyelets, there is white ribbon along the bottom of the photo mat on the right hand page, and the photo corners are punched out cs around the set of 4 photos on the L page.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

challenge LO

Jackie issued a challenge to do a LO using the following: white background paper, eyelets, fibers, stickers, and photo corners. This is my challenge LO.
I started with white paper (obviously) and stamped flowers along the middle of both pages -- this is the same stamp that I used on DD's wall shown in the photos. Then I stamped flourishes along the bottom (All SU stamps). I then used my jumbo eyelets from SU (for the first time) in the centers of all of the stamped flowers. I matted the long "panoramic" picture of the stamped wall in green cs and then wrapped the frame in green fuzzy fiber and tied 2 bows in the top 2 corners. I used some old letter stickers to make the title and punched photo corners with my SU photo corner punch and attached flowers to each corner with eyelet snaps. In so doing, I completed the challeged issued! :-) Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I've been BUSY!!

WOW!! I have had a HUGE scrappin' day!! I have done TWENTY pages today!!!!!!!!!! I got so much done and I love how my pages turned out!!!! This challenge is really motivating me! I even had to go out for about 2 hours today -- just think if I had been home all day!! :-) Yes, my family did get to eat supper (LOL). Hope you like them!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

another one finished

Finished this one just now. Moving on to a different topic (than Kaitlyn's 9th bday) This is Halloween 2006 - Kaitlyn was Rani -- one of Tinkerbell's fairy friends from the book series. It was so strange to see her with LONG blonde hair!

On Call

Well, I am supposed to be at work, but I am on call instead, so I bet you can guess what I've done - yep Scrapbook!! Here are the 4 pages I have finished...

This one I used chipboard for the title, inked it up and then used SU's new chunky glitter to jazz them up. Love it!

This one I used a bunch of "9" accents to highlight the fact that she was turning nine.

Lots of old stash used up on both of these!

I am up to 10 pages for April! Woo Hoo!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

another LO for today

Just finished this one - for Kaitlyn's party, the girls made glass-bead bracelets. These pictures of them showing off their work!

next LO

This is the next LO that I have finished.

Scrapping Challenge

OK - so, I haven't kept up with my photo-a-day endevor. I have been taking some pictures, but not daily, and I got behind with posting, so I kinda gave up. Sorry! But now I am participating in a challenge to scrap A LOT in the months of April and May through PAWS; and I have finished my first 2pg LO of the competition. So I am posting it here. I also challenged my Ravelry buddies in the Scraphappy Yarnies to scrapbook too!

This is a LO of DD on her 9th birthday.

The colors are a bit washed out in the pic - sorry.
Thanks for looking!