Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some finished knitting

I have been finishing up several projects as of late...first I finally finished the socks that I had started before father's day for Kevin - whoo hoo - boy were they tedious. Dark navy on size 0 needles - TINY stitches take FOREVER!! But they are done, he has worn them, and approves.
yarn 025 here they are in all of their boredom! ;-)
Next, I finished Jacob's toe socks that had been hibernating for MONTHS. I had done the first one of the pair around christmas/new year's and just couldnt get motivated to cast on for the second one. Then the Knaked Knits Podcast was having a Stocking/sock KAL (knit-a-long) so I thought that this would be a good project to cast on for this KAL. So, I cast the sock on and in only THREE DAYS, I finished the sucker. The toes were a little tedious, but now I am SO glad to have them done; and Jacob LOVES them. Even with it being 100 degrees out, he is wearing them around the house. (too cute)
finished socks
Sydney, of Knaked Knits, also hosted a preemie hat knit up contest where if you send her 2 preemie hats, you are entered into a drawing for a skein of Lorna's Laces yarn. Of course, I sent her 2 hats
yarn 010yarn 007
I also finished a sweater for me!! This is called Drawstring Raglan from Interweave Knits Summer 2008. I used Knit picks lace yarn and used the lace sampler I had already ordered without knowing for sure what I would use the yarn for - Win WIN!! I love how it turned out, and have already worn it to a class at work!
yarn 029
I have cast on a pair of socks for me too using a new Knit Picks yarn called Imagination. It is a superwash wool/alpaca/nylon blend and is just DIVINE! I am using the colorway "Frog Prince" and am about 2/3 of the way finished with them. This is a pic just after I started them
yarn 052
So I have been a busy knitter. With my back being hurt, that is about all I can do....which you dont hear me complaining! ;-)


Well, I have started a new thing -- spindle spinning. I am in LOVE! I got the bug from listening to a podcast (knit picks') and that got me interested. So I finally got a learn to spin kit that had a beautiful roving and spindle and watched a few YouTube videos and taught myself to do it. After my first session, my wrists and fingers were SO sore. But, once I loosened up a bit and got the hang of it, off I went. I have made YARN!!

I have since spun all of the first roving I bought and have bought 3 more. I am having fun!

Here's some eye candy for you!
yarn 012
finished yarn
yarn 032
and my newest: