Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finished Ravelympics

When Ravelympics came up, I decided that I would sign up and that it would be a good chance to get the kids' school sweaters done for this year. I also thought, "I can do some socks too," so I signed up for 2 pairs of socks knit from hand-dyed sock blanks. THEN I thought, "I should spin too." And so the overcommited 17 days began... BUT I FINISHED IT ALL!!!! WOO HOO. YEAH ME! Not only did I knit 2 sweaters and 4 socks (aka 2 pairs), but I spun, on a drop spindle, 345 yards of yarn (that's a 2-ply yarn - so I reall spun almost 700 yards of fiber that I plyed together to make the 345 yards of yarn) It is a lovely merino wool and bamboo blend that I got from Butterfly Girl Designs Etsy shop, called Blueberry-Lime Surprise. YUM! So, I am quite pleased with my accomplishments during the Olympics/Ravelympics.

Also, I technically could have signed up for one more event, because I finished another project before closing ceremonies. Kaitlyn's rainbow socks didn't use up all of the sock blank, and with the yellow polka-dotted end, she wanted fingerless gloves. So once I finished the last stiches on the last pair of socks, I immediately cast on for her gloves. And I finished them the next day - which was the last day of the olympics (Sunday).

All in all it has been a VERY productive knitting 2 weeks. Not much else has gotten done, but I can't do too much else because of my injured back. So who needs a better excuse to knit than that? NOT ME!! :-)

Rainbow Socks 3

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