Sunday, August 17, 2008


Ravelympics is an event on Ravelry where you knit items in "sporting" events that correlate with the Olympics. The catch is that you have to cast on during the opening ceremony or after and finish BEFORE the closing ceremonies. For Ravelympics, I have signed up in several events. One item is already finished. Kaitlyn and I dyed sock blanks and I made her socks from this dyed blank. The first pic is the blank that we dyed, and the next pics are the socks. The yellow dotted end is not knit up yet - she wants fingerless gloves from that part, but that will have to wait until after Ravelympics

I started these on Friday 8/8/08 (opening ceremony day) and finished them on Monday morning (8/11/08). On Sunday night, as I was getting towards the end of Kaitlyn's socks, I went ahead and cast on for my second project - a school sweater for Jacob. So I cast on 8/10/08, and as I am typing, I am on the last 3 rows - so I will finish TODAY; 8/17/08 - one week for a sweater - Not too bad! HOWEVER, I have also signed up to do a sweater for Kaitlyn too -- not sure if that will get done or not. Also, another pair of socks (for me) are signed up for - these probably will NOT get done.

I am spinning too for Ravelympics. I am spinning a merino wool/bamboo/angelina blend batt and it is GORGEOUS. Here is a picture of this WIP.

The batt was titled Blueberry-Lime surprise. And it is divine. The angelina are little sparkly fibers thrown in for some SHINE!!

When I get a pic of the sweater I have done for Jacob, I will post it. And I will let you know how the other projects come out!

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